Rajapura Panchabala Amurtha Panaya

Gastritis is an irritable condition of the abdomen area, which caused by inflammation of the lining of your stomach mainly due to inconsistencies in food intake and digestion. At present, acute gastritis in its earliest from is a common medical condition among children and adults alike. Chronic gastritis conditions will lead to ulcers and the eventual erosion of the stomach.
Rajapura products introducing a tonic which is called as Rajapura Amurtha Paanaya and this product is presetting to you with proven Ayurvedic Cure for Gastritis. The product is produced using 100% natural herbal ingredients resulting in no side effects. There is no added sugar, making this brew safer for diabetes patients. No chemicals have been added to this medicine as certified by laboratory tests conducted at the industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka. This medicine is also certified by the Committee of the Department of Ayurveda of Sri Lanka. This potion has cured thousands of gastric patients, and can also be consumed while taking any other medication since there is no side effect or chemical reaction as it is 100% natural Ayurvedic product.

Most Effective When….

This medicine can completely cure gastritis. Best used to cure ulcers and other symptoms such as burning or gnawing sensation in stomach and chest areas, nausea, cracked soles, dry stomach, urine infections, abdominal bloating, unbearable headaches, blood mixed with stool samples, profuse sweating from limbs, high body temperatures and skin diseases.
Shake well before consumption. For the children below the age of 12-15 ml three times a day before meals. For children and adults above the age of 12: 30 ml three times a day before meals. Please follow the dosage accurately for the best result. The 375 ml bottle can thus be consumed for a period of 4 days.

Things to Remember…….

During Medication Please Avoid Below; Hot/ Heat food, Sour Food, Artificial Flavored/coloured food and beverages, food with excessive salt, sodas, alcohol and especially tomatoes, pineapples, drumsticks, salmon (canned variety), breadfruit, wood apple, ambarella fruit (Spondias dulcis), fresh fruit pickle, beef, pork, yellow fin tuna, skipjack tuna, prawns, squid (cuttlefish), trenched sardinella, bread of carbohydrates made of yeast, plain tea, sour plantains, excessively oily food, excessively hot and spicy food or the consumption of artificial and/or hot sauces.
Meal should be timely and consistent during the medication period and thereafter. Refrain from consuming any carbohydrates for main meals during this time. Ensure that your water consumption remains high during the period of medication.
An additional healthy practice is to consume ripe bael fruit with bee’s honey, which can also be made into a drink and consumed once a day between the two meals during teatime.
Another healthy practice is to add kasa seeds into one glass of water, and consume the filtered glass of water first thing in the morning prior to consuming any other food or beverage.

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