Income & Benefits For Tea Estate Workers

^ Legal minimum wage enhanced by production of compost and management of organic tea as well as from involvement in the new diversification projects.
^ Men and women receive equal pay.
^ Provision of a cow to each family. The manure is bought by the estate-giving employees an additional income. Milk collection centre for the selling and purchasing of milk.
^ Retirement gratuities are given to estate workers.
^ Maternity benefits are offered to mothers, along with maternity and nutritional programmes
^ A crèche is available for all employees’ children with fully trained and registered staff. Food is provided free to children attending the crèche.
^ A labour club operates on the estate.
^ A Social Welfare Committee of elected estate employees meets regularly to discuss any welfare issues on the estate.

Trade Unions

Employees are free to join Trade Unions. The unions represented on the estate include The Ceylon Workers Congress Union, Lanka Jakitha Estate Workers Union, Socialist Workers Union and the Upcountry Workers Union.


Housing is equally available to all employees. They are supplied with running water. The construction of housing is with brick and motar and a weatherproof galvanized iron roof. Standard of houses are superior to those found in local villages.
The improvement of housing is an on-going process, with adequate co-operation between the estate and the Social Welfare Committee.

Medical Facilities

Greenfield Bio Plantation has a medical-centre with a trained pharmacist. Medicines, midwifery services etc are provided free to the employees and their families. Family planning is available to all and a women’s medical officer works on the estate. Free treatment is offered to estate employees and their families at the hospital in the nearby town.


The estate school is run by the Sri Lankan government. The Ministry of Education supplies teaching staff and monitors the running of the school. The estate school provides education for children up to the age of 18.


Drinking water is available within 10 meters of all houses (from a free-flowing natural water supply). A fuel and energy supply (for firewood, kerosene) has been established within the estate.

Sufficient space is also allocated within the estate for employees to grow food crops and to graze livestock.

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To become South Asia’s most trusted and reliable supplier of quality Organic and Fair Trade products by continuing the pioneering task of application of Analogue Forest /Forest Garden concepts of sustainable agriculture.


To achieve 100% growth in the production and sale of Organic / Fair Trade products by year 2020 by following means;

• Creating of new farmer clusters in all regions of the country including Northern area and expanding production capacity in company owned plantations.

• Creating 50% more employment especially among disadvantaged communities by opening up new collection centers and new processing units and installing new technologically advanced manufacturing methods thereby achieving highest value addition to primary products

• Entering new markets and expanding market share of existing markets