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Bringing light to Suriyawewa

The pride of Lanka Organics, Suriyawewa was begun with the main aim of relieving the plight of families in the area.

Located in Sri Lanka's arid day zone, Suriyawewa was bad affected by the drought that took hold of the area 2 years ago.

Co-ordinating the efforts of NGO are wishing to help villages, Lanka Organics took up the challenge to improve living standards. This in an area with no power or water on tap.

With the investment of effort and funds Suriyawewa has slowly been transformed.

Villagers specialize in producing traditional handlooms and work at our cereal storage and processing unit.

A tube well, 5 new houses, a community centre and a crèche have given hope to villagers. They have leant on us and turn themselves into a great team. The project has transformed this downtrodden area into one of the most effective.

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To become South Asia’s most trusted and reliable supplier of quality Organic and Fair Trade products by continuing the pioneering task of application of Analogue Forest /Forest Garden concepts of sustainable agriculture.


To achieve 100% growth in the production and sale of Organic / Fair Trade products by year 2020 by following means;

• Creating of new farmer clusters in all regions of the country including Northern area and expanding production capacity in company owned plantations.

• Creating 50% more employment especially among disadvantaged communities by opening up new collection centers and new processing units and installing new technologically advanced manufacturing methods thereby achieving highest value addition to primary products

• Entering new markets and expanding market share of existing markets